MFTA Membership Application

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Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the Michigan Fox Trotter Association means you are part of a fun loving group who is dedicated to the preservation and education of the Missouri Fox Trotter horse breed. If you are a breeder, buyer or seller you will get free advertising for your stud service or sales which we advertise on this website, Face Book and our newsletter. As a group we participate in two horse clinics every year working with professional trainers. This clinic has a membership discounted. Each year we participate in an equine expo...where we help people who are looking for gait horse information and Fox Trotters specifically...This expo gets our breeders and buyers information and contacts. We meet in two alternating locations: The Wheel Inn, St. Johns Michigan or at the Italian Oven in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Meetings will be announced in our newsletter and on Face Book.